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Features & Application
FUCHEM 854 Bis-A VER General purpose Bis-A epoxy vinyl ester with high tensile elongation & excellent chemical resistance,good fiber-wetting.Suitable for all FRP technologies,also good for anti-corrosion engineering application.
FUCHEM 882 Bis-A VER A higher HDT high-reactive vinyl ester with a wide range of corrosion resistance to acid,alkali & bleaching agent.Suitable for all FRP technologies including pultrusion,widely applicable incorrosion-resistance FRP & engineering.
FUCHEM 884 Modified epoxy vinyl ester with excellent corrosion resistance at a competitive cost.Recommended for general-purpose anti-corrosion FRP fabrication and anti-corrosion engineering.
FUCHEM 820 Bis-A VER Urethane modified vinyl ester resin,outstanding chemical resistance with exceptional wetting & air-dry properties yielding excellent delaminating property.Excellent for large-sized & on-site FRP fabrication in case of nonepost-curing.
FUCHEM 883 --- Recognized vinyl ester incompliance with food-contact,with excellent corrosion resistance and curingability.Suitable for food stuff FRP fabrication,hyper-pure water vessel in electronic industry and soon.
FUCHEM 3201 ---
FUCHEM 890 Novolac VER Novolac epoxy vinyl ester with improved thermal properties,Superior corrosion resistance to strong oxidizers,suitable for all FRP technologies and anti-corrosion engineering.
FUCHEM 892 FR VER UL-recognized specially formulated vinyl ester resin for fire retardant with improved anti-corrosion property,suitable for fire retardant FRP fabrication.
FUCHEM 898 --- Highly cross-linked Vinyl ester with superior resistance to thermal-aging,oxidizing medium & solvent.Recommmended for heavy-duty FRP where maximum thermal properties or solvent resistance is required.
FUCHEM 898HT ---
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